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5 simple tips to improve your SEO

Getting your head around SEO is a pretty difficult task. Many marketing agencies are often not experts in SEO as it’s a pretty complicated thing. But, getting a website ranking well on the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo is really important.

We find that having some knowledge of SEO is crucial when we are designing websites. So we’ve put together some useful tips that we think will help your SEO and get you ranking better.


1. Get your keyword right

The copy on your website needs to feature your keyword consistently. But it’s no good writing marketing, marketing, marketing, it needs to be readable, good quality copy, including your keyword. It’s also worth researching what keywords consistently rank well and trying to include your keyword in your domain name.


2. Build links

Link building is a sure-fire way of getting your site to rank better. Use reputable sites for backlinks to give your site authority. Also, make sure your site is linking internally. Things such as blogs should be linking, where relevant, all around your site and not just back to the homepage. This tells the search engine that you have valid content and also boosts the user experience.


3. Get great content

Arguably the best way to improve your SEO is with great content. It needs to be well written and relevant to your business. It should be keyword dense and well explained. Engines like Google can recognised good content so it’s worth making sure you have quality copy.


4. Don’t neglect your tags

Meta tags and alt tags are really important when it comes to SEO so utilise them.
Description tags appear in the search listing and are really important as they give a vital first impression of your site. It should be 150-200 characters and contain your keyword a couple of times whilst still being a readable sentence.
Alt tags on images are also really important. They show when the image doesn’t. Search engines use them when indexing your site. It’s also a simple way of using your keyword.


5. Make the most of headings

These are important for both the customer and SEO. The page title, for example, is the first thing that both the search engine and the reader will see. Try and get your keyword in your headings but keep them relevant to the page. Use your h tags to make the page look great and boost your SEO.

SEO is not an easy thing to master, but by using these simple tips you can get well on your way to search engine success.


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