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The importance of mobiles and tablets in marketing

We consider how the increase in usage and popularity of mobile devices has affected the world of marketing.

The use of smartphones and tablets continues to grow and in recent years have dramatically changed the way in which businesses operate. It has been said that an estimated 75% of the world now own a mobile phone. The use of mobile for web browsing has now begun to take over desktop internet use. Making your business mobile friendly can have many benefits.


The closest you will get to your target audience

A mobile device is the most personal device a consumer will have. It is with them all of the time meaning that most mobile users are constantly active. This is beneficial to businesses as it allows them to focus their advertising on targeting consumers by using keywords, devices and a device’s location.


A mobile-friendly website is key

It is vital that your website is mobile friendly and is built with that audience in mind. Your website must be able to be accessed and viewed without being complex. Businesses should try and keep text to a minimum as large amounts of text being viewed on mobile can be seen as off-putting and cluttered. Navigation around the website should be easy and it should be ensured that pages load quickly so that your audience does not get tired of waiting and tempted to look elsewhere.


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